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NEW EU & UK Cybersecurity legislations

Do you know all there is to know about EU’s new NIS 2 Cybersecurity Directive and UK Telecom Security Act (TSA), and are you prepared? At PacketFront we are! Learn more about NIS 2, TSA, how PacketFront can help you meet the requirements, new brilliant features in the latest BECS and BBE versions and much more:

Are you ready for EU’s new security directive, NIS 2?

Cybersecurity with EU in background

In January 2023 EU introduced an updated Network and Information Systems (NIS 2) directive, which all EU member states must incorporate into their national laws by October 2024. The purpose is to strengthen security requirements, streamline reporting obligations, introduce more stringent supervisory measures and stricter enforcement requirements.

The directive will now also affect more sectors, such as providers of public electronic communications networks or services, so we believe most of our EU based customers will be affected by the directive. Fines for violating the directive will be up to EUR 10 million or 2% of annual revenue.

Read more to learn how this new directive may affect your organization: The NIS 2 Directive>>

PacketFront and NIS 2

PacketFront is committed to helping our customers with NIS 2 compliance. As this is a comprehensive task the support is implemented in steps. Luckily, we have much of the functionality already in place. See some of the actions being implemented>>

UK Telecom Security Act (TSA)

UK flag with London in background, TSA

For most network providers the Telecoms Security Act will mean an overhaul of today’s processes for prevention, monitoring and remedy of security threats.
However, you should not see this as an extra burden for your organization, this could in fact be an opportunity to improve security... Read more>>

Latest BECS & BBE releases:

We are proud to announce new BECS version 3.24.0 and BBE version 2.11.0 which includes major new features, practical improvements and tweaks suggested by our customers. Read more about BECS version 3.24.0>> and BBE version 2.11.0>>


Did you know this about the latest BECS & BBE versions?

BBE – Installer Portal
The brand-new installer portal is a tool to aid personell with customer premise fiber installations. The aim is to make the installation and verification more reliable. Read more>>

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 support
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) and CentOS7 are coming to end of maintenance in June 2024. Have you started the planning for the transition? Read more>>


We listen to our customers..

..for example, in BBE it is now possible to differ subscription upgrade from downgrade, making it possible to study your revenue churn. Read more>>



Swedish flag

Stockholm Office closed on June 6

June 6 is The National Day of Sweden and our head office in Stockholm is closed.

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