PacketWiz - The Business Case Calculation for VPN management

This excellent tool has been created by PacketFront for Carriers and MSPs providing VPN services for enterprises. PacketWiz is designed to quickly and comprehensibly illustrate the significant cost savings that can be achieved by implementing BECS.

The Business Case not only calculates the savings you can achieve, but also takes into consideration the average implementation and licensing costs.

Most of the input values are provided by you, but some variables in the model are fixed and based on our experience from operators we have worked with. Naturally these values can also vary depending on the current state of your network. However, the purpose of this Business Case calculation is to provide a rough estimation of the savings.

We will be happy to help you to refine the Business Case to match your specific network, so don't hesitate to contact us at

Calculate your savings

Fixed values

Financial assumptions

Commercial lifetime: 5 years
Typically, the solution lifetime is considerably longer improving the total Business Case
Cost of captial: 7%
Represents the return your company needs to achieve to justify the cost of the project.
Yearly salary increase: 3%
Higher yearly salary increases affect the Business Case positively.
Implementation and licensing costs
These costs are adapted automatically based on your network size.
Variable cost (including support)


The cost should include, besides direct salary, also indirect employer fees and company overhead.

Network size

The network size is calculated based on the number of devices and their role in the network affecting the time savings calculations. In this example we have not taken network expansion into account.

Zero-Touch configuration and Firmware Upgrades

The main parameter is the annual device replacement and firmware upgrade rate. Time savings are calculated using standardized values, encompassing device work, investigation, preparation, and documentation. Firmware upgrades may exceed 100%, indicating more frequent than annual updates.
Time saved/device: 2 hours
Time saved/upgrade: 0.5 hours
Time saved/device: 2 hours
Time saved/upgrade: 0.5 hours
Time saved/device: 0.5 hours
Time saved/upgrade: 0.25 hours

VPN End-Point configuration

The total number of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint VPN End-Points and how often they are manipulated are used for estimating the network complexity and size. Typical actions are adding, moving and terminating End-Points, changing VPN characteristics and solving error situations.
Time saved/end-points adjustment: 1 hour
Time saved/end-point: 2 hours
Time saved/service installation: 1 hour
Time saved: 3 hours

Service customization

Providing customized services can be a real headache, not only to implement, but to maintain and document. Network automation gives you a toolbox of ready ‘Lego blocks’ that you can use to create these customizations, reducing the time to create and track them.

Under Invoicing

Our experience is that in manually configured networks, operators deliver more to some customers than they are actually paying for.
Year-to-year turn over increase: 7%

Your savings

Based on the numbers you provided, you can save up to:

Savings year 1
- €
Aggregated savings
- €
NPV 5 Years
- €
NPV 6 Years
- €