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PacketFront Software Training Program

PacketFront offers both standard and customized training programs to help you achieve your business objectives.

All PacketFront courses are conducted by our experienced staff members who possess several years of practical knowledge, not only about our products but also about the entire ecosystem in which they are utilized. This encompasses various hardware platforms and integrations with OSS/BSS platforms.

The training includes theoretical lectures as well as hands-on exercises.

Basic and advanced courses

Our basic training programs are designed for participants who wish to gain a foundational understanding of PacketFront products and to master day-to-day operations.

Our advanced training programs are partially tailor-made to suit the participants' requirements. Prior to any course or training session, we collaborate with participants to analyze the objectives of each session and customize them according to the knowledge level of the audience.

Key benefits:

  • Trainers with practical experience of working with PacketFront products and surrounding systems
  • Theoretical sessions and hands-on exercises for shortest possible learning curve
  • Up to 8 participants
  • Tailor made trainings can be given on-site, in your own lab environment, or at PacketFront facilities.
  • Tailor made trainings give you’re the possibilities to get basic courses and customized training based on your own requirements

How to participate?

PacketFront organizes training both in our facilities in Stockholm, or on-site at our customer if the training is tailor made. The maximum number of participants is limited to 8 due to the high degree of hands-on exercises. For training program and on-site training requests, contact your sales representative or You can also email us by using the link under the course information further down, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

PacketFront Standard trainings schedule for 2024

Location: Packetfront Head office, Vasagatan 10, Stockholm.

BECS Basic (2 days)

BECS Advanced (2 days)

BBE Basic (1 day) 

BBE Advanced (1 day) 

BBE & BECS Troubleshooting (2 half days) 

BECS Scripting course (2 days) 

2024 - New dates available shortly

2024 - April 23-24th

2024 - April 18th

2024 - April 19th

2024 - New dates available shortly

Available on demand.

Basic BECS course (2 days)

The basic BECS course includes topics, such as:

  • Using the BECS graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • BECS configuration tree and configuration objects
  • Resource management (including IPv4 / IPv6 addresses, VLANs, routing parameters etc.)
  • BECS modules and module logs
  • Object relation and element configuration rendering
  • Element management
  • Creation and provisioning of services
  • Trouble shooting

Price: 1160 Euros

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:

Advanced BECS course (2 days)

The course requires basic knowledge of the use of BECS and it is led by PacketFront Software’s product specialists. We will focus on new features that have been added over the past 2 years and also on the efficient use of more advanced features.

Examples of areas to be discussed include, for example:

  • Service functions and services with service extension script
  • Share DHCP resources efficiently across multiple cells
  • Share resources between static and dynamic services
  • IPv6 resources and services
  • Work with elements in read-only mode
  • Troubleshooting with BECS as a tool

As the training is specially designed for the specific needs of the participants, it is mainly based on hands-on exercises or working with real adaptations.

Price: 1520 Euros

Advanced training is typically done on-site in lab environment in order to match the real-life requirements as much as possible. For tailor-made training in customer premises and for standard trainings at PacketFront Software premises.

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:

Basic BBE course (1 day)

The basic BBE course includes topics, such as:

  • What is BBE and BECS?
  • How to access and log in
  • Customer management
  • Subscription management
  • Troubleshooting with Helpdesk management tool

Price: 660 Euros

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:

BBE Advanced (1 day)

The BBE Advanced course includes topics, such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Using the coverage node tree
  • Creating services, products, and product offerings
  • Reports
  • Adapting data fields
  • Management of user rights

Price: 660 Euros

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:

BBE and BECS Troubleshooting (2 half days)

The BBE and BECS Troubleshooting course includes topics, such as:

  • Troubleshooting tips & tricks
  • What to check and where to start
  • Logs and other information
  • Where to find troubleshooting information and help
  • How to write a Support ticket
  • Logs needed when creating a new Support ticket and where to put them.
  • Troubleshooting - Best practices

Price: 690 Euros

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:

BECS Scripting course (2 days)

The course is focused on how to extend functionality in BECS using scripting.

The topics of the training are:

  • Creating and managing CLOBs and using CPL scripts
  • BECS wizards
  • Service extension scripts
  • Element extension scripts
  • API scripts
  • Cron scripts
  • Batch scripts

Price: 1520 Euros (minimum 3 participants)

We look forward to reaching out to you promptly upon receiving your expression of interest:


We provide well-proven solutions for the complex multi-vendor networks. Network abstraction with our solutions radically increases the level of automation and reduces the integration cost.

Our products were built to deliver true end-to-end automation in high-volume scenarios. Using PacketFront Software’s BECS and Managed Business Services portal, the daily operation and maintenance of the end-customers LAN and WiFi networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload and eliminating configuration errors.