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Great improvements in BBE- Launch October 2023

This Autumn we’re launching great improvements in BBE, here are some of them:

Computer screen showing charts and diagramMore dashboards

For an easy overview of your network growth development

We continue our development towards presenting more dashboards in BBE, two new ones are available to you as of the October launch:

  1. First is a dashboard that shows the development of the number of connected geographic addresses.
  2. Second Dashboard is presenting your largest service providers based on revenue.

Dashboard of number of connected geographic addresses over time
This dashboard shows a graph of the development of the total number of connected addresses and the addresses that were connected last month. It gives you a easy overview and good understanding of your network growth development.

Dashboard of largest service providers based on revenue
As a step towards offering the ability to quickly and easily set goals in BBE in the future, we are now launching a dashboard that presents your largest service providers based on revenue. With this dashboard, you get a good overview of your service providers and you get a smooth tool for producing sales figures.


Stright road above a messy road

Great improvements to the usability

For a more efficiant day-to-day work

We have listened to our customers and as a part of our continues work to simplify the day-to-day work for both you as a BBE user and as a BBE administrator of the system, the following improvements have been implemented in the next release:

  • As a BBE user, you will be able to reset your own login, which gives you more power to act and therby saves you and the administrator valuable time.
  • An valid email address will be required when a new account is set up – A crucial contact information in order to be able to quickly and efficiently reach out with current information to all users of the system.
  • A new, smooth tool for mass mailing will be available for you as a BBE administrator.

Another excellent improvment in next BBE release

Added security

Protection of user data is a key component

For added security we have introduced an improved and more granular way to restrict access to the system. The first new feature is that admin can limit BBE users access to our different APIs following the Principle of least privilege (PoLP).

We will also introduce the possibility to control which APIs are exposed towards external parties to better protect customer data.

And as the last new security feature Admin can set BBE to automatically block stale user accounts.

Find out more about BBE>>

Read about the up-coming release in BECS >>

BECS & BBE Training Courses this autumn

PacketFront’s offers standard and tailor made training programs supporting your business objectives.

All PacketFront courses are led by our own personnel with several years of practical knowledge of not only our own products, but the whole ecosystem where they are used. This includes for example different hardware platforms and integrations with OSS/BSS platforms. The training is based on theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises.

📌Our basic training programs are for you who wants to understand the fundamentals of PacketFront products and to master the day-to-day operations.


➡️ For more information about each course and to register, go to: PacketFront Training program page>>

➡️ Follow the link to register: Register to PacketFront Training courses>>


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