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New features in BECS – Launch October 2023

This Autumn we’re launching excellent new features in BECS, here are some of them:


Laptop with on-boarding chartNetwork on-boarding

For a smooth transition to BECS

We are adding last pieces to the network on-boarding functionality. The improvements include a capability to “parametrizise” the configuration of imported devices. This means you can import brown-field devices to BECS as static configuration and then gradually increase the level of automation by templating and “parametrizising” the configuration. The benefit is that you can move an existing network to BECS in a controlled, risk free and gradual process at the pace you choose. It also enables you to use both manual and automated processed in parallel giving the organisation time to adapt to changing workflows.

Will be displayed at Connected Britain.


Server room with configuration cyber security

Network wide device audits

For ensuring secure configuration

As a part of our continues work to improve network security we are introducing functionality to do device configuration audits to proactively address any configuration inconsistencies.

BECS configuration audit feature employs an auditing process that examines the difference between current configurations used by the devices and the desired configurations defined in BECS. When a mismatch is detected, an alert in the form of a state is generated. These states are aggregated per Element Manager and Cell to provide a clear overview of the discrepancies. In addition, BECS can create a report based on the found mismatches.

The framework is event-based and enables re-occurring checks, for example, on a specific part of the network. The purpose of continuous checks is to find manually introduced mistakes and malicious intents.

Will be displayed at Connected Britain.


Read more about the up-coming release in BECS and BBE>>

Meet us a Connected Britain, have a drink, some snacks and let’s talk about Network Orchestration

Warm welcome to our booth for some refreshing drinks, snacks and intriguing talk about Network Orchestration and why your company should implement BECS!

Date and time: Wednesday the 20th starting at 3pm

Location: Booth 172


BECS & BBE Training Courses this autumn

PacketFront’s offers standard and tailor made training programs supporting your business objectives.

All PacketFront courses are led by our own personnel with several years of practical knowledge of not only our own products, but the whole ecosystem where they are used. This includes for example different hardware platforms and integrations with OSS/BSS platforms. The training is based on theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises.

📌Our basic training programs are for you who wants to understand the fundamentals of PacketFront products and to master the day-to-day operations.


➡️ For more information about each course and to register, go to: PacketFront Training program page>>

➡️ Follow the link to register: Register to PacketFront Training courses>>


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