PacketFront Software Solutions BECS to City Network of Sollentuna Energi

PacketFront Software Solutions’ partner PacketFront Solutions delivers BECS™ and BECS Business Applications to automate and provision services for the City Network of Sollentuna Energi AB, Sweden.

PacketFront Solutions is a system integrator active on the Swedish market. BECS is a central component of their CityNet 365 service concept, which also includes Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers and op5 Network Monitoring together with a comprehensive NOC and operations agreement.

“BECS and its business application are corner stones in our CityNet365 concept. They give us the edge we need compared to the competition. With the most effective solution on the market we can provide key features, like full automation and provisioning, campaign and service portal tools to City Networks”, says Johan Bergman, CEO PacketFront Solutions AB.

Stockholm, 2013-01-29

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