PacketFront Software expands the use of BECS for Com Hem AB to also manage their Cisco ASR9000 backbone and BNG nodes

Com Hem AB, Sweden’s leading cable operator, and PacketFront Software, a leading multi-vendor network automation provider, have announced that they will expand the use of PacketFront Software’s BECS system in Com Hem’s network. Besides the zero-touch configuration of Huawei access elements Com Hem will let BECS also manage the Cisco ASR9000 in its backbone network and BNG nodes. This means that BECS, as a central configuration engine, will have an essential role in Com Hem’s network for creating configuration for both residential and business services.

“Com Hem is a further proof-point of the flexibility and feature richness of the BECS platform. Even if it is a complete network management system, BECS can easily be used as a point product to solve immediate needs in the network and it can later be expanded to cover additional operational needs when they arise”, says Ulf Avrin, CEO PacketFront Software.

“Automation and centralization of the configuration of elements in the network give us the opportunity to do network-wide changes in one go and prevents us from inconsistency and manual configuration errors. The ability to test, create and launch new services in a fast and controlled way is of great importance to be a leading service provider today. BECS is a flexible and reliable system that efficiently automates our OSS, which we can base our current and future network management needs on”, says Peter Eriksson, Manager OSS at Com Hem.

Stockholm 2014-06-30

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