PacketFront Software appoints Jan Kettnaker as new CEO

PacketFront Software, a leading multi-vendor network automation provider, announced today that Jan Kettnaker has been appointed new CEO starting at the end of August. Present CEO Ulf Avrin, who resigned from his position earlier this year, will leave the company by end of May. During the period of June to mid-August Timo Kuusela has been appointed interim CEO.

Jan Kettnaker has a solid background from working in management positions in companies such as Intel, Exportrådet and Dometic Group. He has built and managed organizations of various sizes in international environments making him very well suited to take the company further on its path to become a world recognized, well established software company in the Network Automation arena.

“We are very happy to welcome Jan on-board. He is coming to the company in a very exciting phase, when PacketFront Software is rapidly converting from more of a start-up to a game-changing growth company. This evolution means new challenges. With Jan´s background we are confident that he can manage these challenges and together with the team continue our fast sales and organizational growth.

At the same time we want to take the opportunity to thank Ulf for the tremendous work he has done in bringing PacketFront Software to the strong market position it has today. We are sorry to see him leave, but we have full understanding for the personal reasons Ulf has for his resignation”, says Henrik Scharp, Chairman of the board, PacketFront Software.

“I thank the Board of Directors for providing me this opportunity as new CEO. The business prospects of PacketFront Software are truly exciting. The rapidly increasing need for automation, where Service Providers are forced to make changes in order to achieve faster and more agile networks while also reducing cost, make this a time for new innovative suppliers. Add to this the quick acceptance of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), both key technologies of PacketFront Software, the company is really well positioned for the future”, says Jan Kettnaker, new CEO of PacketFront Software.

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