Meet us and NetNordic at Årskonferens 2024, 15-17 April – Malmö

April 15th to 17th, it’s finally time for the SSNF’s largest conference, Årskonferens 2024, and we will of course be there and exhibit together with NetNordic Sweden! Visit our Booth 20 and learn everything you need to consider becoming compliant with the new EU cybersecurity directive, NIS 2.

Årskonferens 2024

This year Årskonferens 2024 is being held at Malmömässan in Malmö. The Annual Conference is not only the City Network Association’s biggest event but also the largest conference in the city network industry in Sweden. Read more about the conference, SSNF Årskonferens 2024>>

Some of what you will learn by visiting us at Årskonferens 2024:

New EU Cybersecurity Directive, Network and Information Security (NIS 2) is set to become law by October 2024 and will apply to owners of public networks. Are you ready?

Cybersecurity with EU in backgroundFines for violating the directive will be up to 10 million euros or 2% of the annual revenue. The directive requires networks to be secured, for example, by:

  • The use of cryptography and encryption
  • The use of multi-factor authentication
  • The security procedures for employees with access to important data, including policies for data access
  • Streamline reporting obligations

PacketFront and NIS 2

Ensuring compliance with NIS 2 is a complex undertaking, which is why support is being implemented gradually. Fortunately, we have much of the functionality already in place. See some of the actions being implemented>>

➡️ Learn more about how this new directive may affect your organization: The NIS 2 Directive>>

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      We are attending FTTH Conference in Berlin 19-21 March, meet us there!

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