Exciting News: Introducing Our New Business Case Savings Calculation Tool – Coming Soon

Discover the power of our upcoming Business Case Savings calculation tool!

This tool is designed to showcase the savings you can achieve through Network Automation. Simply input your values, and let the tool, in conjunction with fixed variables, provide an estimate of the potential savings when network automation is implemented.

What are the fixed variables based on?

Among other things:

  • Our long-standing presence in the industry
  • Our extensive experience and…
  • ..our substantial knowledge of Network Automation

🔎 Keep an eye out! The tool will be available for you shortly, directly from our website.


➡️ Take a minute and learn what our customers have to say after implementing Network Automation from PacketFront: Customer stories>>


Calculation tool created by: PacketFront Software Solutions AB.

Calculation tool developed by: Infrakultur Kommunikation>>

Welcome to PacketFront Connected Conference!

Join us at this full-day conference for those in charge​ ​​​​​​of business processes, network infrastructure as well as BECS & BBE users.

With over 70 attendees from 27 companies across 10 countries, it’s safe to say that this conference will be a highly valuable information-sharing event that can illuminate the path to a brighter future for your business. Simply put — an event you don’t want to miss! 🌍🚀

➡️🌟 We have opened up for a few more seats, register and delve into all the details about the event, including updates on speakers, topics, the conference agenda by visiting the conference website: PacketFront Connected Conference 2024>>

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