Thank you for yesterday!

Thank you very much for being a part of and enriching yesterday’s PacketFront Connected Conference!

What a fantastic day! We enjoyed some splendid before-lunch presentations by Mika Vatto from Keypro, Matthew Wring from Souther Communication Group and Phill Magill from TalkTalk Wholesale Services.

After lunch, we truly dove into the world of BECS and BBE, which gave us some insightful feedback from our customers and users. Thank you all! And last but not least, a big thank you to our very own top experts for their valuable contributions and presentations: Tony Green, Jonas Ohlsson, Joacim Wängdahl, Marcin Chaj, Babu Kothandaraman, Fatemeh Zarvani, Rickard Molin and Daniel Lundqvist. 

Below you’ll find some photos from yesterdays conference. More photos are available on the conference website: PacketFront Connected Conference 2024>>



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