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Virtual1’s network
automation success

Virtual1 is a significant example of how the automation of day-to-day tasks can reduce operational expenditure across carrier networks, increase partner and end-customer satisfaction and lead to fast growing sales.

In the content below, see how automation has improved Virtual1’s business results and changed their view on how to work with their network.

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Customer Story - Enhancing service delivery at Virtual1

Virtual1’s disruptive approach to service provision has made the organisation more efficient and provided multiple benefits to their partners and customers. In this case study, uncover quantitative examples of their results and learn how automation has helped their business grow.

Exclusive Interview - Network orchestration: A cornerstone in Virtual1’s success story

In an interview with John Graham, Principle SDN Architect at Virtual1, discover how automation has impacted his network engineering team and how network orchestration has helped convert Virtual1’s network management from being a time consuming, error prone process to a streamlined and integrated part of workflows.

Customer Spotlight - Virtual1’s solution overview

Virtual1 strengthen their connectivity and cloud offerings using three key pillars - 1Portal (a partner-facing interface with live network analytics and real-time modifications), Salesforce (the ERP/CRM system) and BECS (the Network Orchestrator), creating a service delivery with nearly no human interaction.

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We provide well-proven solutions for the complex multi-vendor networks. Network abstraction with our solutions radically increases the level of automation and reduces the integration cost.

Our products were built to deliver true end-to-end network orchestration in high-volume scenarios. Using PacketFront Software’s BECS the daily operation and maintenance of the networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload and eliminating configuration errors.