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OTS - One Touch Switching

One Touch Switching made easy

OTS has been introduced by Ofcom to make it easier for customers to change service provider without hassle and “unwanted attempts” to persuade them to stay. We help you comply with Ofcom’s new requirements.

In the new requirements, Service Providers shall be mandated to comply to a process where the gaining service provider can request the losing provider for information and service termination. This information will be sent via a hub that all service providers are expected to interface and the losing operator has 60 second to process the information and answer to the gaining operator. All Service Providers delivering Internet and/or telephony services to private customers are required to implement support for OTS by April 2023. This requirement shall apply to all Service Providers independent of the size of their customer base.

OTS compatible BSS solution

PacketFront has delivered purpose-built BSS solutions for Altnets, operating in wholesale environment, for more than 20 years. While the hub itself nor the API specifications for the communication with the hub are not yet finalized, we can see that the basic requirements put forward in OTS are not entirely new. Similar requirements have been seen on other markets, such as Scandinavia and Germany. This means that when the specifications are available, we will have a short-time-to-market to deliver OTS compatible BSS solution for our UK based customers.

PacketFront BBE platform will have the functionality required for the tasks of the gaining and losing operator and an API interface towards the hub. The exact availability time is still uncertain as the API specification has not been released yet, but we will do our utmost to enable our customers to meet the April 2023 deadline.

What’s in it for Altnets?

Our BBE platform is already today used by a number of UK operators, meaning we offer an off-the-shelf BSS solution supporting your  business for a reasonable cost. At the same time you will have a solution that complies to OTS requirements without you having to engage in a costly and time consuming implementation project. Instead, you can rely on our ready platform and the expertise we have gained in UK and abroad resulting in a hassle-free BSS implementation.

By the way...

By combining our BSS solution with our Network Orchestration platform, you are on your way to comply with Telecom Security Act as well.

Read more about BBE

BBE is a purpose-built software package which enables easy and efficient handling of business processes in broadband networks.

The BBE is a product family consisting of different modules which can be added step by step as required for tasks such as Subscriber and Product Management, Trouble Shooting and Reporting.