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Southern Communications Group about network automation from PacketFront Software

Southern Communications Group have instigated the “buy back time” program, which aims to identify where an engineering process can be automated and release the personnel from through life management, whilst improving their design capabilities.

Below you can read what Matthew Wring, CTO at Southern Communications Group, have to say about their decision to partner with PacketFront Software for network orchestration:

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A few words from Southern Communications Group’s CTO:

Matthew Wring CTO, says: "PacketFront and its feature rich vendor agnostic orchestration capability, came out as the best in class during our extensive beauty parade.  Key to its feature set was the ability to incorporate “brown field” deployed CPE’s and to allow a small team to take over these devices and manage them forward." 

Read the full success story here below:

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We provide well-proven solutions for the complex multi-vendor networks. Network abstraction with our solutions radically increases the level of automation and reduces the integration cost.

Our products were built to deliver true end-to-end network orchestration in high-volume scenarios. Using PacketFront Software’s BECS the daily operation and maintenance of the networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload and eliminating configuration errors.