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Mittnät's story
How they've succeeded as an open access FTTH operator

Mittnät is a co-operation between 9 Swedish city networks using an open access business model. The 9 networks work together to provide a stronger local presence and a greater range of services to their customers, all the while staying in control of their own business and network assets.

With a complex structure to work with and bad experiences in the past they turned to PacketFront Software for help. Find out how they achieved the economy of scale using PacketFront’s network orchestration.

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Building Mittnät’s network infrastructure

When Mittnät were struggling with unclear responsibilities, long lead times and unsatisfied end-customers, they asked PacketFront to step in.

The result? An enhanced network operation with much happier customers and much lower operating costs — find out how they did it.

Interview: Orchestration + ambition = the key ingredients to scale a business

Mittnät’s CTO Jörgen Nilsson, discusses how Mittnät was able to transform their network into a well-oiled machine: what drove the change, how Mittnät and PacketFront are working together now and the benefits they’re reaping as a result.

A spotlight on: Mittnät

With around 40,000 residential and enterprise customers combined, the 9 city carriers that form Mittnät have demonstrated how small operators can achieve the economy of scale while staying in complete control of their own business and network.

Find out how the business was formed and how, with the help of PacketFront automation software, they were able to minimise their headcount to reap results.

Learn more about BECS

We provide well-proven solutions for the complex multi-vendor networks. Network abstraction with our solutions radically increases the level of automation and reduces the integration cost.

Our products were built to deliver true end-to-end network orchestration in high-volume scenarios. Using PacketFront Software’s BECS the daily operation and maintenance of the networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload and eliminating configuration errors.