Data Center Orchestration

Orchestrate your data center network services like an IT department do for Applications and VMs. Create your network services within minutes with complete control over Tenants configurations and recourses over time. The results are improved time to service, no errors and complete documentation.

BECS orchestrated data center is a solution for any vendor network to any size of operation. BECS keeps track of all your services and resources needed. The end results of our automation are an agile organization, fast deployment of services, changes and decommissions with no configuration errors. We know that high SLA and time to service are of essence in all business, we make that happen.

Network deployment

Network deployment, meaning plan, build and deploy of a data center. Add as many elements you wish, BECS takes care of the entire underlay including zero-touch deployment in a next-next-finished way. BECS generates document on how to patch the equipment. When online, BECS will use its zero-touch functionality to automatically configure each unit. Regarding maintenance, if you need to change broken units, BECS knows the latest configuration and services, change the unit and BECS will restore all services.

Multi-Tenant Services

Structure your daily work of create, modify and decommission of network services. We take care of all resources in the network and how the services are related and connected. BECS provides a life-cycle documentation of all your Tenants. The result eliminates configuration incidents and provides fast service deployment as IT.

Value add services

Create VPN to your customers branch offices, add Internet, FW and connect to your Tenants. This gives you an End-to-End control.

Benefits of our solution

  • Easy tool to manage your tenants and your operational task
  • BECS keep track of all your configurations and resources
  • Complete network and service documentation
  • No configuration errors
  • Fast service deployment
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