VPN Networks

With BECS you can automate the activation, deactivation and modification of services on CE, aggregation and PE level in real time. BECS takes care that all involved network elements are configured to enable correct end-to-end service delivery on any hardware platform.

The VPN service is created and made immediately available for other OSS/BSS systems via the API. This means that new VPN services, or modifications to the existing services, are done in minutes directly from CRM system. Updating and extending a VPN and related services affecting a large number of customers has never been easier!

Automating a network

As BECS has the complete network topology view including elements and resources (IP address pools, VLAN pools, routing details) it knows which elements to configure and how. The affected nodes can be for example Provider Edge (PE), Route Reflector, aggregation, access and/or Customer Edge (CE).


BECS is a perfect tool to keep your network organized. It provides automated documentation of the VPN services, resources and network elements updating the information in real-time. No more over or under invoicing of services, IP address and VLAN conflicts or configured but unused resources.

The list of benefits is long. Can you afford not to automate your VPN service management?