Residential Networks

BECS + BBE = An off-the-shelf solution for operators wanting a complete package for customer, service and network management.

PacketFront Software’s residential solution consists of BBE that provides the operational and business applications and BECS that is the network management system supporting any network technology and topology.

End-to-end service provisioning

The combined feature set of BBE and BECS provide operators a fully automated end-to-end service provisioning starting from a self-service portal, where customers can choose the services of their choice and activate or deactivate them with a simple click.

BBE checks that the service orders are allowed based on a predefined criteria, such as binding times, geographical area, conflicting or prerequisite services. If the service order is accepted, it is registered, billing report is updated and ultimately the service is activated.


Service activation

The service activation is realized by BECS. It configures all involved network elements and interfaces regardless if the network uses e.g. customer VLAN’s, service VLAN’s BNG’s or Layer 3 access. This means customers have the ordered services in their disposal in seconds.

The solution provides extensive standard and customized reports giving the operator full control and overview of the customers and services. And in case of a service delivery failure, the integrated trouble shooting tools provide valuable information to the technical and customer services staff.