PacketFront Software Open Access solutions

Open Access vs. Vertical business model

Whereas the vertical business model is the traditional mode of operation for most telecom operators, many city carriers have chosen Open Access as their business model. The main difference between those two models is the source of the services.

In the vertical business model, services are provided by the network owner, while in the open access model they are provided by external service providers.

Open Access can be achieved by leasing the complete fiber as bit-pipe to a single service provider. This method however, sets a cap for the network operators earnings.

A more common alternative is to provide Open Access on a service level, where service providers are given a virtual connection (e.g. VLAN) to deliver a specific service. This means the network owner can sell the network capacity over the same fiber to multiple service providers. It also enables the delivery of other, non-profit services, such as municipality or e-health services.

The Open Access model demands specific requirements for OSS and BSS layers. One of the main aspects is the more complex environment that many service providers and services create. Many of the networks PacketFront Software’s products support have hundreds of services. To implement this business model requires a high level of automation to keep the OpEx at bay and to provide 100% accurate information between network owner and service providers.

PacketFront Software: True Open Access pioneers

As the Open Access networks started to emerge at the beginning of the 21st century in the Nordic countries, PacketFront Software was the first supplier providing tailored solutions for these networks. Today our products are used by more than 50 Open Access networks throughout the world.

So, what is unique with our solution? First of all, we have built our BECS and BBE platforms from the very beginning to support Open Access. We can provide an off-the-shelf solution catering for the specific requirements of Open Access networks.

Some of the main features required for Open Access networks are:

  • Fully automated service provisioning flow from dynamic end-user portal to network element configuration
  • Strict separation between Network Owner and Service Providers.
  • Service providers can create and manage end-customer services.
  • Service Providers can trouble shoot end-customers.
  • Service Provider are not allowed to see competitors customers or services.
  • Support for Service Provider invoicing

You can find out more about our products unique capabilities under BECS (OSS) and BBE (BSS).