PacketFront Software network management

End-to-End Automation

PacketFront Software’s BECS automates the day-to-day operation by providing vendor independent, fully documented and high quality network and service management.

BECS can be seen as an adapter between the OSS/BSS systems and the network. It abstracts the network for the OSS/BSS layer providing one network integration point. For service activation the provisioning system only needs to send service and port to BECS. This information is translated into correct network configuration adding, modifying or deleting services and resources in all affected elements. This ensures the optimal use of the network resources and minimizes the risk for configuration errors. At the same time BECS provides always up-to-date documentation of the managed network and service configuration.

BECS capability to manage any type of devices from the CPE/CE level all the way to the core network and support for all major hardware vendors makes it a real Swiss knife of the network management. This means you can use BECS in all type of environments, regardless of network type or topology.


BECS can be complemented with PacketFront Software’s Broadband Business Engine (BBE), which provides the additional Business logic on top of the network management. Together they form a complete solution for packaging and delivering services and automating the service provisioning flow from order to activation and invoicing.

Examples of end-to-end automation:

Residential Services
Business Services
MPLS VPN Services
Data Centers