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Business Services

Managed Services Providers are under pressure due to shrinking margins. Instead of only providing Internet access, BECS offers the possibility to extend the offering to manage the customer’s network, such as WiFi and CPE’s.

The service creation in the marketplace is rapidly moving into the cloud and this includes also the creation of business services. However, customers’ networks are today usually far away from being ‘cloud ready’.

To take care of the customers’ internal networks and WiFi nodes is difficult to achieve due to the endless range of different switch and wireless access point vendors. Management of these networks is heavy due to manual processes and homemade scripts. The documentation of the customers LAN and WiFi networks is also manual and seldom kept up to date. The most common interaction with the customer is about error situations.

BECS and Managed Business Services portal

BECS and Managed Business Services portal provide an agile solution to manage business services creating a tighter relationship with customers. The daily operation and maintenance of customers’ LAN and WiFi networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload of the Service Provider’s staff and eliminating configuration errors. The documentation of customers’ environments is always easily available and up to date.

The portal with cloud access and easy graphical interface offers customers a possibility to adjust the configuration of their networks allowing self-service customization, for instance for items like port VLAN membership, SSID to VLAN mapping in the WiFi network, etc.

This means that the Managed Services Provider invites customers to participate in the daily operations and the documentation of the network environment and turn the dialogue with the customer from trouble shooting to that of a pro-active trusted advisor.

And the best thing: The vendor agnostic approach of Packetfront Software’s solution makes it possible to deliver the benefits on any hardware platforms.