Network Automation

Network Orchestration

The high degree of automation offered by PacketFront Software’s network orchestrator, BECS, eliminates network errors and instantly provisions services in residential, enterprise and data center networks.

At the same time it offers the technical team a single tool to work with, rather than various scripts, multiple systems and vendor specific element managers. This approach ensures a harmonized single interface to the network regardless of the network layout, hardware or service.

Simplifying service provisioning

BECS simplifies the network provisioning radically when used for network deployment, service activation and resource management. It also provides seamless legacy-to-SDN/NFV transformation thanks to its strong element management framework enabling co-existence of legacy and virtual networks.

Benefits of our solution

  • Radical operational cost improvement
  • Instant service activation & customizations
  • No errors, less complains
  • Always up to date network configuration
  • Always up to date service documentation

Learn more about Network Orchestration

Download our white paper for more information about our solutions on multi-vendor provisioning. It answers 11 important questions, such as:

  • How will BECS make my life better?
  • What makes BECS unique?
  • How do I become a BECS user?

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