PacketFront Software speaks at VNF Management & Orchestration in Barcelona April 28-29

PacketFront Software speaks about A Pragmatic Approach to SDN & NFV at VNF Management&Orchestration in Barcelona April 28-29 . We will also demonstrate how our product BECS is a powerful tool for anyone who believes that legacy systems will exist a long time, while still wanting to reap the benefits of SDN and NFV immediately.

Come and listen to our Head of Product Management, Henrik Johansson, covering a topic we know are top of mind for many operators: while SDN & NFV will solve many problems, they will not solve all of them . As an operator you will not rip and replace your entire network. You will not redo your entire OSS/BSS stack. So how can SDN & NFV help you today?

Henrik will talk about some low hanging fruit on your road towards NFV nirvana. And even if you don’t get there in a long time, you can still have major gains with very little investment. At the end of the day, this is all about making money, so what can be done to shorten e.g. lead-times for new service offerings?

Henrik will demonstrate technology available already today and usable in your existing network and he will look at and discuss a few different practical use-cases and he will propose a pragmatic, step-wise approach for the transformation of your network.

Welcome to meet with us and our booth for in-depth discussions!

/Ulf AVRIN, Henrik JOHANSSON and Anders WÄLIVARA ; and

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