PacketFront Software receives a Vinnova grant to accelerate SDN and NFV development

PacketFront Software, the leading multi-vendor network automation provider, has received a grant to accelerate the development of solutions supporting Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). The grant was awarded by Vinnova, the Swedish innovations agency. The project will run for two years with the objective to accelerate the development of PacketFront Software’s orchestration solution for SDN and NFV.

The transformation from hardware-dependent legacy systems to new software based SDN and NFV networks will change the core of how telecom operators operate their networks. PacketFront Software is uniquely positioned to help operators in this process by enabling a smooth and gradual migration path to SDN and NFV. This is done by using PacketFront Software’s BECS Network Management system’s capability to simultaneously orchestrate both legacy and SDN/NFV networks.

PacketFront Software appoints Jan Kettnaker as new CEO

PacketFront Software, a leading multi-vendor network automation provider, announced today that Jan Kettnaker has been appointed new CEO starting at the end of August. Present CEO Ulf Avrin, who resigned from his position earlier this year, will leave the company by end of May. During the period of June to mid-August Timo Kuusela has been appointed interim CEO.

Jan Kettnaker has a solid background from working in management positions in companies such as Intel, Exportrådet and Dometic Group. He has built and managed organizations of various sizes in international environments making him very well suited to take the company further on its path to become a world recognized, well established software company in the Network Automation arena.

“We are very happy to welcome Jan on-board. He is coming to the company in a very exciting phase, when PacketFront Software is rapidly converting from more of a start-up to a game-changing growth company. This evolution means new challenges. With Jan´s background we are confident that he can manage these challenges and together with the team continue our fast sales and organizational growth.

At the same time we want to take the opportunity to thank Ulf for the tremendous work he has done in bringing PacketFront Software to the strong market position it has today. We are sorry to see him leave, but we have full understanding for the personal reasons Ulf has for his resignation”, says Henrik Scharp, Chairman of the board, PacketFront Software.

“I thank the Board of Directors for providing me this opportunity as new CEO. The business prospects of PacketFront Software are truly exciting. The rapidly increasing need for automation, where Service Providers are forced to make changes in order to achieve faster and more agile networks while also reducing cost, make this a time for new innovative suppliers. Add to this the quick acceptance of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), both key technologies of PacketFront Software, the company is really well positioned for the future”, says Jan Kettnaker, new CEO of PacketFront Software.

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Packetfront Software automates Icelandic telecom operator Siminn’s network

Síminn, the leading Icelandic telecom and IT services provider, and PacketFront Software, a leading multi-vendor network automation provider, announced today that Síminn has selected PacketFront Software’s BECS and BBE systems to deliver an end-to-end network configuration and service activation solution for their Cisco based MPLS VPN network.

“We are pleased to be able to work with such a professional and forward looking operator as Síminn. The automation of the network and service provisioning not only provides the obvious benefits in time savings, but also other equally important functions, such as configuration error elimination, billing data integrity and fast trouble shooting. The combined benefits ensure a very attractive business case for Síminn”, says Ulf Avrin, CEO PacketFront Software.

“We are impressed by PacketFront Software’s track record in providing automation and
centralization of the network and service activation solutions. We selected the system after a
thorough evaluation and testing process, which further strengthened our belief in the capabilities
and know-how of PacketFront Software. We see great potential in the technology not only for our
MPLS VPN services, but also for many other areas of our network”, says David Gunnarsson, Director of Data Services at Síminn.

Stockholm 2015-03-23

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PAXIO Inc, announced today Gigabit broadband services to the home

PAXIO’s launch of Gigabit broadband services in Emeryville, California was supported by PacketFront Software who have delivered an end-to-end automated residential solution for Paxio’s network and service management. The solution gives customers the freedom of choosing services from a self-selection portal that deploys the selected services within a few seconds. The network is based on an MX-series BNG solution from Juniper and access switches from Alcatel, all of them being managed by the BECS platform.

BECS, delivered by PacketFront Software, is a multi-vendor Network and Service Management system consisting of resource- and element management and service configuration with full topology awareness, enabling best-in-class automation of service activation and fulfilment. The solution is an easily customizable out-of-the-box system applicable for residential and business networks, such as IP/MPLS VPN services.

“The PacketFront solution gives my customers the ability to manage their own services, for example to increase the bandwidth on demand, without involving any technicians. By automating the network operations and harmonizing the access platform from different vendors with zero-touch deployment I can send out any person from our organization to install the equipment and BECS will automatically configure the elements to provide the right services. With a tool like BECS in our organization I can keep prices aggressive and still provide great value to my customers. The platform is also prepared for open-access, which means that I can open up the network for any service provider or over the top content provider, something that is key today in order to be successful in a very competitive business”, says Philip Clark, CEO at PAXIO Inc.

“It feels great to see Paxio launching their Gigabit services, and I am happy that PacketFront Software has been given the confidence of providing the automated management solution that Paxio was looking for to ensure their continued competitiveness in their market”, says Ulf Avrin, CEO at PacketFront Software.

Stockholm 2014-07-03

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PacketFront Software expands the use of BECS for Com Hem AB to also manage their Cisco ASR9000 backbone and BNG nodes

Com Hem AB, Sweden’s leading cable operator, and PacketFront Software, a leading multi-vendor network automation provider, have announced that they will expand the use of PacketFront Software’s BECS system in Com Hem’s network. Besides the zero-touch configuration of Huawei access elements Com Hem will let BECS also manage the Cisco ASR9000 in its backbone network and BNG nodes. This means that BECS, as a central configuration engine, will have an essential role in Com Hem’s network for creating configuration for both residential and business services.

“Com Hem is a further proof-point of the flexibility and feature richness of the BECS platform. Even if it is a complete network management system, BECS can easily be used as a point product to solve immediate needs in the network and it can later be expanded to cover additional operational needs when they arise”, says Ulf Avrin, CEO PacketFront Software.

“Automation and centralization of the configuration of elements in the network give us the opportunity to do network-wide changes in one go and prevents us from inconsistency and manual configuration errors. The ability to test, create and launch new services in a fast and controlled way is of great importance to be a leading service provider today. BECS is a flexible and reliable system that efficiently automates our OSS, which we can base our current and future network management needs on”, says Peter Eriksson, Manager OSS at Com Hem.

Stockholm 2014-06-30

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SplitVision chooses PacketFront Softwares BECS and BBE

SplitVision, that operates and markets Borås’ city network with more than 9.000 connected customers, continues the network modernization. After having decided on the infrastructure last year, SplitVision has now chosen PacketFront Software’s BECS and BBE OSS/BSS systems to enable zero-touch service provisioning for all inhabitants of Borås. Splitvision is also planning to implement a service portal for end-customer self-provisioning using technology from PacketFront Software. This means that the end-customer will easily select and activate multi-play services from home.

PacketFront Software’s partner NetNordic is going to implement BECS and BBE during Q2 2014 and will be responsible for operations and support of the system.

Stockholm 2014-04-29

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PacketFront Software introduces support for Alcatel-Lucent products

PacketFront Software announced today further development of the BECS network management tool. Alcatel-Lucent is now added to the list of supported vendors, which already includes companies such as Juniper, Cisco, Huawei, Extreme and more. The first supported Alcatel-Lucent products are the ISAM 7360 GPON OLT and the OmniSwitch 6400 and 6850 Access Switch families.

The addition of Alcatel-Lucent products further strengthens BECS capabilities to support topology and hardware independent end-to-end network automation across Core and Access networks.

Stockholm 2014-03-11

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