Zero-Touch Deployment

Fully automated network roll-out: Plug in the network element, BECS takes care of the rest. BECS provides zero-touch deployment and configuration of all network elements from CE/CPE’s to the core level.

When an element is connected to the network, BECS downloads the correct firmware version as well as the global and element unique system configuration. This means that BECS brings the element to fully operational status without any human interventions.

The network is built in BECS using pre-defined element, topology and resource templates making sure that the operator has full control of the element configuration.

  • Element templates define vendor, chassis, models and line-card settings.
  • Topology templates (L2, L3, aggregation, MPLS, and more) structure how elements are connected.
  • Resource templates define how and what IP, VLAN, Routing, etc. are allocated.

All templates can be adapted by PacketFront or by the network operator based on specific operational requirements. In addition, the powerful and flexible scripting function allows the network operator to create wizards for adding entire rings or POPs with full configuration automation, including VLAN and IP address assignment.