PacketFront Software BECS

BECS Overview

In a rapidly changing industry all network operators are looking at evolving their networks to address future customer needs.

Changes in customer behavior, new demands on services and a fierce competition drives the needs to streamline the organization even harder. The need for a fully automated network has never been as important as it is today.

What makes BECS unique?

By structuring and tying the network elements, topology, resources and configuration together BECS gives a full view and control of the network. This enables true end-to-end automation of your network, no matter if it is for network deployment, service activation or resource management.

BECS also provides configuration in real-time for all elements in your network. Whenever you update a configuration for a specific element, type of element, geographical area or even which role it might have, BECS will push the changes to all affected elements, including customer premises equipment. Its real-time configuration engine will quickly determine what changes are needed. It does this by using an internal modeling language that knows how to go from configuration “A” to “B”.

Network harmonization

BECS simplifies and shortens the integration needs in the OSS and BSS layer by harmonizing services. This is done by creating a single service per service type for the whole network, regardless of vendor or technology. This means that you don’t have to change anything in the OSS/BSS layer for your service activation when introducing a new hardware vendor in your network.


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