PacketFront Software network solutions

Network Abstraction

Network abstraction with BECS as a single integration point between the OSS/BSS layer and the network radically increases the level of automation and reduces the integration cost.

Finding the problem

Most networks are managed today manually, or semi-manually with the help of scripts. The manual network configuration typically leads to poor, incoherent or missing documentation, configuration errors and dependency on individuals.

A sometimes used alternative is direct integration between network and OSS/BSS systems enabling a higher level of automation. This approach, however, leads to high costs and long implementation cycles when introducing new hardware and services as multiple integration points need to be updated.

Automation is the key

BECS solves the problem of manual network configuration without causing the rigidness of the direct integration with the OSS/BSS layer. This is achieved by using BECS as an abstraction layer providing a single integration point for all OSS/BSS systems towards the network. BECS ensures that OSS/BSS systems do not need any knowledge of the network topology or used hardware. A simple API call is converted into CLI, SNMP or other type of hardware specific commands affecting any required number of network elements.

The high degree of automation offered by BECS reduces the workload related to day-to-day operations of the network. At the same time it offers the technical team a single tool to work with rather than multiple vendor specific element managers. This approach ensures a single interface to the network regardless of the network layer, hardware or service radically simplifying the network maintenance.