Element Management

The BECS Element Management framework allows BECS to talk to any vendor using any protocol needed, be it CLI, SNMP, TL1 or e.g. NetConf.

The modeling of an element allows BECS to understand the native language of that element, enabling full BECS automation. As part of BECS, Element Managers for most major vendors are included. In the event of a vendor not being supported right now, it is a quick task to model the element using built-in tools.

Zero-Touch deployment

When elements support this, they can be plugged into your network, without any pre-configuration necessary and BECS will automatically configure them with the right configuration and right software.

Real-time Configuration changes

BECS makes sure you always have the correct configuration on your elements when adding and removing services. No longer will you have old stale configuration left that no one knows if it is being used or not.

Performance Management

BECS can easily gather the performance data from your network and present it to any other system of your choice. Data can be sent raw or processed in any way needed.

Software Management

BECS makes sure you are always running the software version intended in your network. This can easily be a daunting task when you have thousands after tousands of network elements to manage. With BECS, you can easily define software policies for different parts of your network.

The use of this framework allows you to setup services that are shared among many different vendors and Operating Systems. This greatly enhances the Northbound Integration towards your BSS. If you add a new vendor or technology into your network, you don’t have to change your BSS integrations.