PacketFront Software service portal

Service Portal

Rest API and a reference portal providing web-shop and self-service functions.

BBE is an interface to offer end customers the possibility to self-provision the services of their choice. Selections made by the customer are logged to a history file in BBE and the service is automatically provisioned to the customer.

Using BBE, service activation/deactivation is fully automated and this makes it possible to offer completely new types of on-demand and time based services that have not been previously profitable.

Attractive interface for service exposure reduces workload for customer support

BBE provides an attractive market place, i.e. a shop window with a state-of-the-art feel, for service exposure, promotion campaigns and marketing.

BBE provides residential and business customers a possibility to select, activate, deactivate or change their service subscription in real time. Simple wizards guide the customer through the steps. The service is then automatically provisioned via the network to the end users client (CPE/CE, Set Top Box, PC, phone etc.) and is ready for immediate use.

Increase service uptake and consumption

Due to the simplicity with which end users can select and activate service subscriptions with SSP, service usage increases. It is also easier for service providers to allow end users to try new services because no interaction is required by customer service centers. This also reduces the workload for the service center personnel.

Reference Portal

The delivery of the BBE includes a WordPress based reference portal. This allows operators to implement the portal fast and cost efficient.

The BBE open API interface enables, however, integration with any portal implementation. This provides the network owners the full flexibility to use tools and WEB design partners of their choice.