Report Generator

Compile and create reports utilizing all data in the system, including billing data, service penetration etc.

The Report Generator provides the data needed for creating standard and customized reports that contain any information stored in the BBE database.

Standard and Customized Reports

BBE provides a set of predefined standard reports, such as:

  • Billing summary report
  • Billing detail report
  • Active subscriptions
  • Product penetration
  • Port
  • Subscription status
  • IP Address history
  • BBE User operations

Customized reports can be generated using a GUI tool. Users can create own report templates by themselves or with the assistance PacketFront Software Professional Services.


The Report Generator gives the operator up-to-date information about the physical network as well as detailed information concerning individual service usage. The provided data can be used for example for efficient billing of services. The created billing reports provide input data to external billing systems. As the billing reports can also be created per service provider, these reports can be used in open access networks by the network operator to bill the service providers.

Flexible output methods

In the Report Generator the user can generate the reports periodically based on a schedule or export the reports manually as required.

By using the API interface, the reports can be periodically generated and automatically imported into external systems for further processing.

All reports can be downloaded in various file formats, such as, text, PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Excel files can be further analyzed in external applications, such as MS Excel or Crystal Reports.