Product Management

Package services into commercial products including binding times, campaigns, availability periods, geographical availability etc.

BBE can be used for management of any type of services, including services requiring network reconfiguration (e.g. Internet or VPN) and non-network-related services (e.g. ordering a new IPTV set top box to a customer).

A group of services can be packaged into one product. The product is complement¬ed with terms and conditions, and is of¬fered to end-users as a product offering.

BBE allows service providers to de¬fine customer groups to which the prod¬ucts offering will be made available. Target groups can for example consist of customers in a specific geographical area or employees of a certain company.

Product life cycle management

BBE keeps track of the product offering life cycle. The service provider can manage the life cycle using conditions such as start of sales, start of delivery, end of sales, end of delivery, and notifi¬cation periods.

These conditions allow service providers to handle the product offering life cycle efficiently and to offer time-limited products while main¬taining control.
The system also ensures that customers cannot order conflicting products or terminate / downgrade products while under contract.

Product activation

A product can be activated from a CRM system via an open API interface, through the Self Selection Portal or directly in the BBE GUI. In many cases, like in Internet or VPN service provisioning, the activation process is immediate allowing fast and automated service delivery process. In other cases some manual actions, such as patching or HW delivery, may be needed prior to service activation. In such cases the BBE’s integrated workflow engine can be used to handle the process flow.