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The Broadband Business Engine (BBE) is a purpose-built set of administration applications providing an efficient management of day-to-day customer operations. It provides functions like customer management, product lifecycle management, troubleshooting, ticketing, customer self-service portal, statistics and billing reports.

BBE has been in commercial use for more than 15 years and is used by operators with various business models, including open access. BBE is fully integrated with PacketFront Software’s BECS network management system for automated end-to-end service activation from order to network element configuration, providing maximum efficiency and performance.

Network marketing

Regardless if you are using an Open Access or Vertical business model, marketing of your network and services is essential. However, to make this happen with reasonable effort and cost is hard without automation.

BBE provides a number of tools and features to improve sign-up rates. With BBE’s built-in reporting capabilities it is easy to pin-point areas with low service take rates and find “untapped” revenue streams. Provided with this information, you can make targeted campaigns and receive the best possible outcome for your marketing activities.

BBE has a full set of campaign tools enabling efficient service marketing for the entire network, selected geographical areas or particular user groups. This can be combined with a self-service portal ensuring maximum visibility.

The automated order and service activation process via self-service portal makes the buy decision easy for end-customers, further increasing the service take rates.

Service delivery

BBE’s Customer and Product life cycle modules offer flexible and versatile management of customers and services creating, together with the other BBE modules, a fully fledged and integrated solution for handling service desk workflows.

Just to give a couple of examples:

  • The service desk can activate, deactivate and pause services. As the service activation/deactivation is automated end-to-end, the customer data, such as billing records, are always up to date and synchronized with the network configuration.
  • In case a customer calls to the service desk due to a service delivery problem, the personnel will have immediate commercial and technical information about the services and can trouble shoot directly via BBE helpdesk tool. If there is an identified problem, a trouble ticket can be created directly in BBE.

Open and standards compliant

BBE is based on the Telecom Management Forum (TMF) NGOSS standard data model, SID.

The BBE product family provides external interfaces for the underlying network management systems, databases and other OSS/BSS platforms in the form of an open SOAP XML API. BBE business applications publish functions as high-level API calls for easy integration. For example: The intelligent helpdesk function collects technical customer data from all elements on the service delivery path and presents it as a single API call.

PacketFront Software: True Open Access pioneers

As the Open Access networks started to emerge at the beginning of the 21st century in the Nordic countries, PacketFront Software was the first supplier providing tailored solutions for these networks. Today our products are used by more than 50 Open Access networks throughout the world. Read more about Open Access here.