Intelligent Helpdesk

Collects all trouble shooting data for a customer or a service and displays it in a unified manner.

With the help of BBE the helpdesk personnel can handle a considerably larger part of the first line technical support directly instead of forwarding cases to network engineers.

Visibility of key network information

BBE requests troubleshooting information from BECS and shows this information either on the BBE Web GUI or publishes it via API to other systems. The presented information is intuitive and for example provides a view of the network topology.

This view shows to which port of the CPE the customer equipment is connected and how the CPE or CE is connected to the core network. BBE provides troubleshooting information for all network elements and ports on this path.

The BBE can even show VPN connections and relevant data for trouble shooting the VPN link.

BBE provides also other valuable information, such as the current and historical lease/expire information for each service.

Access control on troubleshooting data

In a wholesale or open access network all troubleshooting data in the complete network is visible to the network owner. However, each service provider can troubleshoot its own services and cannot see the any information or data of other customers or service providers.

Verify and Repair

BBE provides a verification function that checks whether the subscription on a specific port is correctly provisioned. If the service provisioning is incorrect, the user can use the Repair function to correct the subscription by recreating the element configuration.

Trouble ticketing

BBE has an integrated light-weight trouble ticketing application that is suitable for smaller operators. The ticketing application supports both internal and external tickets including handover and escalation processes, time reporting per ticket, flexible category management and provides detailed ticket statistics and reports.