VPN Networks

Do you recognize the following scenario: “We have strong requests to instantly activate services, increase quality and lower Opex. However, we configure our network and services manually with the help of multiple tools. This takes time because network technicians need to log into several network elements, all with different feature sets and CLI’s. This means that our highly qualified network engineers are working with routine tasks in a complex environment. And even if they are skilled, they make from time to time trivial mistakes. Our technical staff spends time on solving these mistakes instead of developing the network. Also we don’t really trust our documentation either, so we have a bit of a mess out here… “

This is the reality that affects both operations and sales of most operators we meet today.

With the help of BECS you achieve a fully automated VPN service provisioning. This means network configuration in real time, which simplifies the work and reduces the risk of errors. As BECS is network topology aware, it sets up VPN’s end-to-end on all network layers. At the same time it documents the VPN connection, including used network resources. When it is time to tear down a VPN, BECS clears in the same way all configuration and releases the resources. The result is a network, which is fully documented and free of configuration errors.

In addition we provide efficient tools that Service Desk and technical personnel can use to troubleshoot any eventual network problems. This cuts the OPEX even further and increases the customer experience.

And the best of all: BECS works in multi-vendor environment.

The best of class operators automate!