PacketFront Diagram Data Centers

Simplifying the Operation of Data Centers

As the size of data centers and the number of new applications grow, so does the complexity of managing them. We have pre-packed solutions covering the needs for all data centers, no matter the size. With our solution the deployment and day-to-day operation of data centers are simplified in a number of ways.

Configuring made easy

BECS can set up and configure anything from a single leaf to multiple complete pods in a matter of minutes. A software wizard guides the user through the installation process asking for the necessary input values, e.g. the number of leafs, spines and routers to be connected. Based on the information provided, BECS prepares and fully configures all switches automatically, including the IP fabric underlay and overlay.

All you have to do is to follow the BECS generated document on how to patch the equipment. When online, BECS will use its zero-touch functionality to automatically configure every unit straight from the box and build the predefined network structure.

Provisioning services

The manual task of adding, modifying and deleting configuration is cumbersome and prone to human errors. BECS takes care of the end-to-end service mapping in all affected network elements. It does the task fast, homogenous and free from errors by automating the provisioning of services such as assigning correct IP addresses, VLAN/VXLAN ID’s and routing parameters, but can also include tasks like spinning up virtual servers and assigning firewall rules. As an added benefit, BECS always keeps the network documentation and data for billing up-to-date.


No matter if you are used to managing your network using tools from different vendors or if you have applied a strict DevOps culture, BECS will fit right in. Everything that is possible to do using the included Graphical User Interface can also be done over the northbound API. This means that you have a future proof solution towards automating everything in your IT and Network infrastructure.