Business Services

The market is rapidly moving into the cloud and this includes business services. Unfortunately the enterprise networks of today are usually far away from being ‘cloud ready’.

The range of different switch and wireless access point vendors is endless and management is complex and time consuming. The documentation of the customers LAN and WiFi networks is manual and seldom up to date.

Using PacketFront Software’s BECS and Managed Business Services portal, the daily operation and maintenance of the end-customers LAN and WiFi networks becomes fully automated reducing the workload and eliminating configuration errors. The documentation of the end-customers complex environment is always easily available and up to date.

The portal with cloud access and easy graphical interface offers the end-customers a possibility to customize the configuration of their network,  such as port VLAN membership, SSID to VLAN mapping in the WiFi network etc.

The operator invites end-customers to participate in the daily operations and documentation of the network environment turning the operator into a pro-active trusted advisor.

And finally: The vendor agnostic approach of Packetfront Software makes it possible to deliver the benefits on any hardware platform.